Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DevRIFT?

DevRIFT is a security platform that allows developers/businesses to focus on the core of their product rather than the security.

What is the difference between DevRIFT and other security platforms?

We specialise in making easy-to-implement, robust and secure APIs for developers and businesses. We use state of the art Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to help developers and businesses build and implement security into their projects.

What is an end-user?

An end-user is generally a person who uses a product or service. When a developer/business uses the DevRIFT API, we do not consider them end-users; instead, we consider them partners or clients. An end-user is someone who uses the product or service that the developer/business has built.

What is DevRIFT Identity?

DevRIFT Identity is a powerful identity verification system that allows developers and businesses to confirm the identities of their end-users. It utilizes a biometric system to verify end-user identities and matches government IDs to selfies for secure access to applications. This system helps meet regulatory requirements and ensures that end-users are accurately represented online.

Why do we not allow developers to generate codes for their end users?

One reason we don't allow developers to generate codes for their end users is to prevent any potential malpractice or unethical behaviour from the developer or business. Allowing the end user to generate their own codes helps to establish trust and ensure that only the intended user has access to their account. Only allowing the intended user to access their account benefits both the platform and the developer or business. It promotes ethical practices and protects the security and privacy of the end user.

Another reason? Well that's a secret. ;)

What is backwards incompatible?

Backwards incompatible means that the new version of the API is not compatible with the previous version. This means that the new version of the API may not work with the previous version.