This guide will get you all set up and ready to use the DevRIFT API. We'll cover how to get started using one of our API clients and how to make your first API request. We'll also look at where to go next to find all the information you need to take full advantage of our powerful API.

Choose your SDK

Before making your first API request, you need to pick which API SDK you will use. In addition to good ol' cURL HTTP requests, DevRIFT offers a variety of SDK including JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

# cURL is most likely already installed on your machine
curl --version

Making your first API request

After picking your preferred client, you are ready to make your first call to the DevRIFT API. Below, you can see how to send a GET request to the Hello endpoint to get a "Hello" back! In the cURL example, results are limited to only one "Hello!", the default page length for each Hello.

curl -G https://api.devrift.co/v1/hello \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer {sk_test_foobar...}" \
  -d limit=1

What's next?

Great, you're now set up with an API SDK and have made your first request to the API. Here are a few links that might be handy as you venture further into the DevRIFT API: